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ISO 27001 Lead Auditor - Information Security Management

4.5 Days

Class - at yours or ours 


ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor Course (CIS LA). 

You’ll learn how to lead the audit of an ISMS for your organisation and how to ensure the ISMS meets the requirements of ISO 27001. 

Learn the best practice for auditing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that conforms to ISO 27001.  The course includes:

  • An overview of the structure and major requirements of ISO 27001.

  • An overview of the audit process used by certification bodies.

  • The purpose, benefits and core principles of effective auditing.

  • Common auditing terms and definitions.

  • Critical skills required for performing an audit.

  • How to plan, conduct, report, summarise and follow up on an audit.

  • Effective interviewing techniques and observation skills.

  • How to use audits to identify non-conformities and ensure appropriate corrective action is taken.

  • How to assess and evaluate the competence of auditors.

  • Accredited certification audit specifics.

  • How the audit process is used in first, second and third-party audits.

  • How to apply continual improvement of the ISMS.

  • How to conduct an ISO 27001 audit.

Plus, you’ll have the option to sit the Certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor (CIS LA) exam at the end of your course. The exam is covered by your Certification Guarantee.

If you are becoming responsible for auditing an ISMS designed to meet ISO 27001 requirements, then this course is ideal for you.  The ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certification course is aimed at individuals who want a globally-recognised ISO 27001 lead auditor qualification to further their careers.


This course is also beneficial for the following:

  • Members of an information security team or subject matter experts.

  • Anyone involved in Information Security Management or operations related to an ISMS.

  • Those who want to learn about the processes of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).


The Lead Auditor course is designed and delivered by experts who have actually audited an ISMS!

It supports the requirements stated in ISO 27001 Clause 4.4, much of Clause 7, Clause 9.2, and A.18.2.1 

Gain a globally recognised and accepted qualification.

Six reasons why you should sit your course with ISO Security Training Academy

  1. Two options for training. We come to you, or you come to us.  

  2. You'll be certified fast. With us, you’ll be trained in record time.

  3. Our course is all-inclusive. A one-off fee covers all course materials, and exams. No hidden extras.

  4. Pass the first time or train again for free. This is our guarantee. We’re confident you’ll pass your course the first time. But if not, come back within a year and only pay for exams and incidental costs

  5. You’ll learn more with quality learning and small class size.

  6. Smaller class sizes mean you’ll learn faster. Chances are, you’ll have a different learning style from those around you. We combine different styles to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily.  That's why it's face-to-face!

What's Included

Your immersive course includes:

  • Unlimited snacks, beverages, tea and coffee. 

  • On-site exams.

  • Practice tests.

  • Certification Guarantee.

  • Courseware.

  • Up to 10 hours of instructor-led training each day.

Pass the first time or train again for free (pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs).


  • You'll sit the exam at the end of the course, either at the ISO Security Training Academy or at your training location.

  • The certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor exam is covered by your Certification Guarantee.

  • Online exam for 90 minutes of multiple-choice questions.

  • The Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer exam fully meets the requirements set by IBITGQ.

  • This course is an essential component for ISO 27001 and Information Security roles.


  • Successful completion of the ISO 27001 Foundation course is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Feel free to call us to discuss whether this course is right for you.

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